1. goodishmusic:

    vegas lights panic! at the disco

  2. queerjaneway:

    September — Earth, Wind and Fire

    do you remember?
    the twenty-first night of September
    love was changing the mind of pretenders
    while chasing the clouds away

  3. Panic! At The Disco | Camisado

    (Source: chizu)

  4. IAYD - bird up!

    Remix of Knife City - goodbye! goodbye! goodbye!
    From the new Knife City precious jewel EP

    soundcloud - bandcamp - 8bit peoples
    Knife City is luke silas of Anamanaguchi - twitter - tumblr
    IAYD - twitter - tumblr

  5. damnlazers:

    Knife City // Party In the USK (Miley Cyrus Remix)

    A tune to celebrate the festivities. 

    (via damnlazers)

  6. (Source: dedmeows)

  7. Tennis Court - Lorde


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